If you’re like so many of our guests who enjoy the benefits that come from regular drip sessions, or you're a fan of our other far infrared services, including sauna, NormaTec compression, or cryotherapy, signing up for a driphouse® VIP membership is a wonderful way to save money on your sessions. We’re constantly exploring new ways to reward our most loyal guests, and our VIP program is packed full of money-saving perks!

Join the driphouse® VIP Membership and Save on Your Sessions

Regardless of which specific therapy you favor, our VIP membership offers immediate savings to help make each session more affordable. Here are some of the key benefits of becoming a driphouse® VIP member, as well as important information related to sessions, cost, membership options, and more:

  • driphouse® VIP memberships have a one-time fee of $49
  • Get 4 Sessions for $99 (location specific), ideal for frequent guests
  • Members can purchase an additional 4 sessions for just $25/each
  • Our Unlimited VIP Membership for Far-infrared, NormaTec, and Cryotherapy sessions is only $280
  • Sessions do not rollover and must be used within the allotted month
  • You can sign up for a driphouse® VIP membership online or in-person

For more detailed information on the benefits of signing up for a driphouse® VIP membership, get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to assist however we can.

driphouse® has 2 locations in Pittsford and Spencerport NY and can be reached during normal hours by vising our contact page.