signature drip

Signature Drip

Our Signature Drip is the most premier experience we offer. We invite you to breathe in fresh air, relax on our zero-gravity adjustable bed, immerse yourself in 140 degrees of clean far infrared heat, and enjoy one hour of pure bliss. During your session, you can stream your favorite show, listen to a podcast or music, or meditate in silence. (Available at all driphouse locations.)

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Unwind, relax, and experience all that Drip Sauna has to offer. Our sauna is equipped with 10 Solocarbon® heaters to deliver the highest concentration of far infrared heat available, proven 95% effective to aid all clients in meeting their ultimate relaxation needs. It is also equipped with ultra low EMF technology that ensures ultimate safety. (Available at Pittsford & Spencerport locations.)

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normatec compression

Normatec Compression Therapy

Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover more rapidly after training, a new or soon-to-be mom, or a busy professional with a hectic schedule, Normatec is an innovative new therapy that helps rid the body of painful lactic acid and lymphatic fluid buildup. It is an advanced, sleeve-based massage therapy that works while you relax and unwind. (Available at Pittsford and Spencerport locations.)

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Whole-Body Cryotherapy

By exposing the body to ultra-low temperatures for a short, controlled period of time, Cryotherapy has been shown to help counter the effects of inflammation throughout the body. From weight loss, pain relief, muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation, it is one of the most popular non-invasive ways to address many common health and wellness concerns. (Available at our Pittsford location.)

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