Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover more rapidly after training, or a busy professional with a hectic schedule or physically-demanding job, NormaTec is an innovative new therapy that helps rid the body of painful lactic acid and lymphatic fluid buildup.  NormaTec is an advanced, sleeve-based massage therapy that works while you relax and unwind, as excess lactic acid and lymphatic fluids are safely massaged away.

  • A relaxing, non-invasive way to remove lactic acid and lymphatic fluids 
  • Ideal for athletes, busy professionals and those in physical professions
  • Innovative massage sleeve technology that targets legs, arms or both
  • NormaTec Compression Therapy is available at our Pittsford, NY location 
  • Book a 30 minute session for $25 or save on a full 1-hour session for $40

To schedule a NormaTec Compression Therapy session at our Pittsford, NY driphouse® location, or get more information on why so many are now using it to recover after training and physical activity, get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to help.  

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*Currently only at our Pittsford location.

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