employee preparing client for signature drip at driphouse

Signature Drip


* Available at all driphouse Locations

Our Signature Drip is the most premier experience we offer. We invite you to breathe in fresh air, relax on our zero-gravity adjustable bed, immerse yourself in 140 degrees of clean far infrared heat, and enjoy one hour of pure bliss.

During your session, you can stream your favorite show, listen to a podcast or music, or meditate in silence. You can also choose to have complete privacy or invite your favorite person to drip next to you.

employee smiling at customer during signature drip at driphouse

Clean far infrared heat has been known to gently increase the temperature of the body’s surface and activate systems within the body that promote healing.

It’s a safe, effective,
whole-body treatment that can help:

  • Improve blood circulation, detoxification, and complexion
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase metabolic rate and burn calories
  • Support deep relaxation for overall wellbeing

Book a 1-hour session for $48 or our Intro to drip for $70 for your first two sessions.


*Available at all driphouse Locations

employee placing cold cloth on clients head during signature drip session
client watching tv during signature drip

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to improve your health and wellbeing in a safe, effective, and blissful way, we invite you to learn more about our Signature Drip.

Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have and assist you in scheduling your first session.


* Available at all driphouse Locations

You can reach our staff by phone or via email by visiting our website’s contact page.