We hear it all the time: Does sweating really help burn body fat? You better believe it does. The direct correlation between sweating and weight loss is undeniable, and backed by an extensive history of well-documented clinical research. It’s among the top reasons why so many individuals enjoy saunas, and why athletes from every walk of life attribute a great workout to a great sweat.

Healthy sweating is more than merely a physical byproduct, though. It’s a built-in, biological defense mechanism that plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy, fit and living at our best possible self.

At driphouse® in Rochester, we’re proud to be New York’s premier personal sweat therapy experience, and look forward to introducing you to the vast weight loss benefits of sweating.

A Relaxing Way to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

In addition to utilizing calories at an accelerated rate while sweating, the process also results in a metabolic surge that can lasts as long as 24-36 hours after your session. Over time, this can help you reset and maintain a metabolism that’s more in line with what your system needs to thrive.

Flushes Toxins for More Effective Weight Loss

In an attempt to protect us from toxic overload, the body stores environmental toxins and other harmful constituents within specialized fat cells. As the body utilizes stored fat for energy while sweating, many toxins are gently flushed from the system.

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