Achieving and maintaining a healthy physique is ultimately at the mercy of a strong, healthy heart. For those whose lifestyles don’t afford ample time to exercise, FAR infrared offers both convenience and effective results. Our personal drip sessions safely raise the body’s core temperature, resulting in increased cardiovascular system output, improved blood flow and much-needed conditioning of the heart’s hardworking muscles. Additionally, sweating helps metabolize stored fats, toxins and other compounds to accelerate your fitness and weight loss goals.

Whether you’re a busy professional wanting to get back in shape, or a professional athlete looking to incorporate drip sessions into your training, driphouse® offers a safe, clean and relaxing environment to help you achieve the optimal results from your session.


Toxin Flush for Improved Nutrient Utilization

Even those who consume the best diets and exercise regularly are vulnerable to the effects of environmental toxins. Over time and without frequent detox therapy, a heavy toxic load can make it more challenging to properly absorb key nutrients. FAR infrared-induced sweating safely flushes toxins and heavy metals from fatty tissues, for enhanced fat loss and improved nutrient uptake.

Enhances Metabolism, Blood Flow & Tissue Repair

For those seeking a metabolism boost or expedited recovery times, FAR infrared drip sessions offer a wide range of synergistic benefits. Increased sweating promotes more efficient blood flow and lymphatic system function, while boosting the metabolic process and improving the rate at which tissues are repaired and replenished.

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