It's easy to attribute the stress in our lives to the events that fill our days. Drama at work, non-stop social obligations, kids routinely driving us to states of near madness. It’s a lot to endure day after day, and can take a serious toll on a person’s mental health. Sweating induced by FAR infrared helps warm, relax and expand the tissues that make up the body’s muscular system. As tension is released, the body’s production of cortisol (a key stress hormone) becomes less prevalent, allowing tension to fade and lactic acid levels to gradually diminish.

At driphouse®, every aspect of our facility and personal sweat experience has been designed to provide the perfect union of comfort, cleanliness and total relaxation. We invite you to visit one of our locations in Rochester, NY or Bufflao, NY or contact us to learn more about reducing stress with a FAR infrared drip.

Deep Muscle Relaxation to Help You Recharge

The health benefits of ongoing tension relief simply can’t be overstated, and a good drip is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to accomplish it. FAR infrared-induced sweating increases body temperature to help expand and relax muscle tissues, while at the same time providing a serene and calming atmosphere to help you unwind.

Naturally Releases Mood-Supporting Endorphins

When the brain’s production of endorphins is functioning without challenge, being in a good mood just comes naturally. These specialized peptide-based hormones attach directly to opiate receptors, to promote a healthy mood and natural pain relief. It’s now universally accepted that sweating helps encourage the natural release of these mood-supporting chemicals.

You don’t need us to remind you of how stressful life in today’s ultra-fast paced society can be. Fortunately, finding a comfortable resolve doesn’t necessarily have to involve high-powered meds or drastic lifestyle changes. To schedule a drip or learn more about how sweating can help reduce stress and anxiety, call driphouse® today at 585-267-7804, or get in touch through our contact page.

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