Of the many reasons why people seem to feel less healthy and energized as they age, it is the lifetime of toxic burden that gets inadvertently carried around with us. Over months, years or even decades, a diverse array of compounds from the environment, food and medication can accumulate to levels that make even the most basic biological functions more daunting. Sweating has been used throughout the ages to cleanse and purify the human system, while helping to improve vitality, balanced mood and healthy sleep patterns.

As NY’s premier personal sweat therapy experience, driphouse® has seen first-hand the effects sweating can have on those looking to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. From toxin elimination and fat loss, to its effects on metabolism, sleep and hormonal balance, the health benefits are as extensive as they are noticeable.

Elimination of Toxins That Inhibit Good Health

When the body has more toxins, heavy metals and food-based pathogens than it’s designed to expel naturally, these compounds are stored in fat cells throughout the body. Not only can this contribute to an unhealthy BMI, it can also compromise our energy levels, sleep habits, immune system response and more. FAR infrared increases core body temperature to flush them away safely, while increasing metabolism, relaxation, and repair of damaged cells.

Promotes Better Metabolism, Energy, and Weight Loss

Good health and a svelte figure are more connected than one might assume, and regular sweating is a sound way to achieve both. When the body’s temperature is increased with FAR infrared, it works hard to maintain a consistent temperature. An immense amount of energy is produced to carry out the process, which can have a direct impact on metabolism and body fat utilization. Many of those who drip regularly report better concentration and improved sleep.

If you’re ready to take your good health to the next level, driphouse® looks forward to showing you what a positive influence sweating can be. To book a drip or learn more about the health and wellness benefits of sweating, get in touch with us today. We’re located in Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY and can be reached by phone at 585-267-7804, or write to us through our secure contact page.

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