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From weight loss and wellness to improved sleep and stress reduction, driphouse® offers an innovative and relaxing detox experience for mind and body.

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Fat Loss Fat Loss

Fat Loss

The body shaping and weight loss benefits of sweating are as effective as they are well-documented, learn how sweat therapy can help shed excess pounds
Skin Health Skin Health

Skin Health

As the largest organ in the body, the skin can benefit greatly from regular detoxification. Learn more about how sweating sessions can improve skin health
Better Sleep Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Living in a toxic state can inhibit the body's ability to sleep, repair and restore. Discover how sweat therapy is helping many get their best sleep in years
Fitness Fitness


Flushing stored toxins restores proper blood flow and nutrient delivery to the body's vital systems, for expedited tissue repair and improved energy utilization
Wellness Wellness


Learn how far-infrared sweat therapy sessions at driphouse® can help improve a wide range of health concerns, including energy, stress and joint health
Mood Mood


driphouse® sweat sessions utilize innovative warming technology that relaxes you from head to toe, in a serene, meditative setting to help you unwind and recharge

Whether you're looking to lose weight, reduce stress or improve your overall state of heath, removing stored toxins and environmental constituents is an essential starting point for anyone looking to make a change. We invite you to learn more about driphouse® and the vast health benefits of far-infrared sweat therapy.

Innovative Sweat Therapy Detoxification in Pittsford, Spencerport & Williamsville NY

Toxins. It's almost ironic that something invisible and utterly microscopic can have such a profound impact on so many aspects of daily life. But this is a toxic world we live in, and even the most responsive immune systems can become overwhelmed as time passes. driphouse® is a Rochester, NY based therapeutic sweat therapy utilizing the latest far-infrared warming technology; to safely warm the body's core temperature and encourage healthy, natural sweating. Our facility has been designed to provide an extremely relaxing and inviting atmosphere, allowing you to get the most from every session.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the full spectrum of benefits from therapeutic sweat detoxification, and how it has helped others reach their various health and weight loss goals. Contact us directly by calling driphouse® in Pittsford, NY at 585-267-7804, in Spencerport, NY at 585-617-3388, in Williamsville, NY at 716-633-2902, or writing through our contact page.