Are you looking to change and enhance the lives of the people in your community? When you franchise with driphouse® you are bringing a relaxing infrared experience to promote scientific backed mind and body enhancement. From the moment you walk into a driphouse® location, you can feel the warmth not just from the infrared sauna but the people and space. 

Creating a personalized sweat therapy experience, guests become family as they retreat into our locations to drip their stress away. Unlike traditional sauna and spa our atmosphere reaches out to those looking for aid in skin health, weight loss, sleep, fitness enhancement and over all life. This holistic treatment combines traditional sauna therapy with the modern science of FAR Infrared. As you drip you can feel the heat penetrating muscles promoting relaxation and detoxification. Guests leave driphouse® feeling as though a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and ready to take on the world. 

Drip away your fears and franchize a location that sweats pure bliss. When you become a part of the driphouse® family, you’ll watch as your business grows into one of extended family.

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