Colors may appear as nothing more than images that are pleasing to the eyes, but science has proven that they’re far more diverse than just their aesthetic appeal. Each color has its own unique vibrational frequency, and each of these frequencies have been shown to affect how our bodies function. Driphouse is excited to announce that we’ve recently invested in an advanced far-infrared sauna, equipped with 10 Solocarbon® heaters for those looking to experience the wide-ranging benefits of Chromotherapy.

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit with Infrared Chromotherapy

The human body relies on sunlight to live and function at its best. When any of the seven core color energies are out of balance, this can manifest physically in any number of negative, unpredictable ways throughout the body. Chromotherapy utilizes the full color spectrum to balance the body’s vibrations, allowing many to achieve increased physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.

  • May help with blood pressure, stress, sleep, weight loss, detoxification and more
  • Innovative Solocarbon® heaters delivering the highest far-infrared concentrations
  • Utilizes ultra-low EMF technology that ensures both effectiveness and safety
  • Shown to be 95% effective in helping patients achieve their ideal relaxation goals
  • Driphouse offers a diverse selection of Infrared Chromotherapy session options
  • New to dripping, want to learn more? Visit the Why Drip section on our website

Driphouse Chromotherapy drip sessions are available for up to two people at a time, and available in a number of different packages based on your preferences. For more detailed information on the benefits of Infrared Chromotherapy, or schedule a drip session, get in touch with either of our two Western NY locations using the contact information below.

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