While the concept of Far-infrared sweating, or dripping, may be new to some, many have found that it can provide a wide range of benefits ranging from sleep and stress reduction, to increased energy and clearer skin.  One of the most popular reasons for dripping, though, is centered around its ability to help encourage more effective weight loss.  Dripping uses advanced technology to slowly raise the body’s temperature in a safe, controlled manner, to flush the system of toxins, stored fat cells and other weight gain culprits.  If you’ve been looking for a relaxing and effective way to help jumpstart your own weight loss goals, dripping may be just the answer.         

How Dripping Can Help with Weight Loss

At driphouse®, we staff a team of experts to help ensure that your drip session is as safe, effective and comfortable as possible.  Here are just a few of the reasons to stop in or learn more about the weight loss benefits associated with Far-infrared drip therapy.

  • Innovative technology warms the body gradually and safety to induce sweating
  • driphouse® offers a safe, welcoming and clinically-focused setting for your comfort
  • Each session is closely monitored by our staff of health and wellness experts
  • Far-infrared heat is safe, FDA cleared and ideal for those with mobility issues
  • An effective way to help naturally expel stored toxins and stubborn fat cells
  • New to dripping? Learn more by visiting the Why Drip section on our website

Curious about why so many have made dripping a part of their ongoing wellness and weight loss regimen? For complete information or to schedule your first drip session, get in touch with the driphouse® location closest to you.  We’re happy to answer to answer any of your questions and invite you to reach out anytime during our normal business hours. 

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