Don’t Sweat: 3 Ways to Prepare for Your First Sweat Therapy Experience

You sweat when you exert your body, such as when you’re lifting heavy loads at work or at the gym. It’s your body's instant cool-down when you get fired up. Sweating is actually a good thing at times. Perhaps you’ve heard of the benefits of a sweat therapy and would like to try it out in your local Pittsford NY or Williamsville NY location. Before you book your first appointment, here are a few elements to consider and ways to prepare so you can have a successful experience.

Sweat Safety

The sweat therapy health benefits provide mental, spiritual, and physical healing to the body. It’s a popular Native American practice that focuses on spiritual enlightenment but people are now recognizing sweat therapy as whole-body cleansing from impurities. That being said, you will notice a difference in your mental and physical state post sweat session. As with any new exercise routine, you’ll want to consult your physician first. You’ll also want to prepare yourself beforehand. This is not the same as a sauna and you should take some precautions prior to your visit. Avoid the sweat therapy while pregnant, if you have been diagnosed with breathing challenges, or are undergoing cancer treatment. Now that we’ve covered sweat safety, let’s get down to basics of what you’ll be needing for your first drip!

  • Water - It is encouraged to bring a water bottle with you and sip throughout the course of your session. You’re losing water as you’re sweating and it’s imperative to stay hydrated before, during and after your drip session.
  • Eat - You want to eat so that you don't feel hungry during your session. Without feeling full, you will sustain your energy by having a well-balanced, nourishing meal prior to.
  • Clothing - You may be provided with clothing before your session begins, so you will want to be nude underneath that specially designed suit. Prior to getting into your DripSuit, you may cover with a dry towel, but you can certainly bring comfortable dry clothing, a towel to dry off, and sandals or flip flops which you will remove before entering the room. Your clothing should be loose, preferably shorts with a loose shirt.
  • Shower Use - It’s perfectly normal to want to jump in the shower post drip, but it is encouraged to wait at least 1-2 hours afterward to get the full benefits of your session.