The Concept

Specialty coffee shop, drip house cafe, offers coffee beans produced and harvested in countless varieties. This diverse geography helps create and deliver unique flavors, aromas and taste experiences.

At Drip House Cafe, we respect the coffee we serve deeply, just as much as we respect the palettes of our customers. Particularly, each type of coffee we serve requires different brewing methods. These unique processes deliver the true flavors for coffee connoisseurs. For this reason, you’ll enjoy our warm and friendly Drip House environment.

We won’t let you settle for any old coffee to provide your morning “pick me up.” At the best specialty coffee shop in Dubai, we’ll serve you only a fantastic coffee. Certainly, it will set you up for the day in the best possible way. Also, we invite our patrons to take their time, kick back and savor our specialty coffee. Everyone is a witness of our creative brewing methods on the show.

Specialty Coffee Shop at Home

We don’t like to be selfish with our specialty Drip House coffee. Hence, we sell our beans in bags for customers to take home and enjoy in their own time.

In addition, we also sell all the barista equipment.  All other tools customers could ever need to create Drip House coffee at home are also available. Our baristas are on hand to give you all the training you could ever need at the time of purchase.

Ask us on your next visit. We’re delighted to let you know what options are available at the best specialty coffee shop in Dubai. Not only that, we will tell you more about our Drip House coffee beans.

The best Specialty Coffee shop Dubai only uses high-quality coffee beans.