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The Concept

Specialty coffee shop, drip house cafe, offers coffee beans produced and harvested in countless varieties. This diverse geography helps create and deliver unique flavors, aromas and taste experiences. At Drip House Cafe, we respect the coffee we serve deeply, just as much as we respect the palettes of our customers. Particularly,...

Specialty Coffee at drip house cafe

Specialty coffee is finally brewing in Dubai. drip house café is the newest community specialty coffee shop. Located right in the center of DIP, we want to be the heart of this community. We also seek as the focal point for our patrons and customers.

Ali Shahin, the founder of drip house, is a keen and intrepid traveler. He is a lifelong coffee lover and sampled coffee in many countries. Through his journey, he learned that various coffee beans feature their own unique tastes. In addition, it has exceptional aromas, roasting processes, and end-results.

He brought what he learned back to share with Dubai’s coffee culture. Drip house café exhibits his global coffee experience and passion.  As he introduced the brewing methods of high-quality coffee beans. These bring out the distinct characteristics of each coffee bean.

Hence “takeaway coffee” is prevalent in the city. We aim to offer the best specialty coffee in Dubai. With Ali’s knowledge about discerning coffee lovers, we provide a different atmosphere. Wherein, our customers may savor and enjoy an environment with like-minded individuals.

Let alone, drip house is not just a home of specialty coffee. It is also a haven for local artists. It is where you can display your latest creations. As well as a place for musicians have their own stage.

Local businesses and fast-growing startup owners are welcome too. You can share your expertise as well as your ideas and advanced skills.  In addition, we frequently hold workshops and short Q&A sessions. We believe it can help other aspiring business leaders. Whilst we pride ourselves on being open and warm to everyone. You may let us know how we can help you promote your business, wares or services.

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